Our Professionals


Bobbie-jo Hurt LPC, CSAC

Bobbie-jo is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. She specializes in addictions, depression, anxiety and relationship counseling. She works predominantly with adults, couples and teenagers. She has been involved with the mental health field for 17+ years, helping those who deal with mental illness, addiction, relationship struggles, life stressors and co-occurring disorders. Bobbie-jo is certified to provide mental health pre-screens and assessments, having worked in hospital, school and jail settings to provide safety assessments and therapy. Bobbie-jo is CASE certified to work with individuals and families going through the adoptive process.  She has facilitated many treatment groups for substance abuse and dependence, to include VASAP, IOP, Continuing Recovery and an addictions group for pregnant women. She has also provided other group therapy such as DBT and Seeking Safety for emotional and relational struggles. 

Our Professionals

Robert L. Hurt, MA, Certified Life Coach

Robert has made a lifestyle of meeting personal accomplishments. From playing the drums on the Grand Ole Opry, owning multiple businesses and investing in real estate as well as selling it, he always has something he can be doing! 

Robert has obtained degrees in religion (BA),  clinical counseling (MA) and is also a Certified Life Coach.

Robert has invested many years mentoring and working with teens and adults through transitional times in their lives.

Wife Edit:

 (He would humbly never say these things about himself so I needed to help ... because wives know everything, right? :) )

What it is like to be around Robert:

 Rob has an exceptional gift for really seeing people's hearts and listening with a deep sense of focus and presence. 

What drew me to Rob long before we were married and were just hiking buddies in graduate school, was that he was insightful, intelligent and truly cared about  people. There was nothing "surface level" about him- when he asked "How are you?", he sincerely wanted to know.

Robert takes time to learn about you and understand where you are at in life. He will ask you thought-provoking questions regarding where you are in life and where you want to be. You will think about things in ways you never have before. He will invest himself into helping you discover the answers you are looking for. 

 Rob has a way of never being pushy but is always willing to sit with you where you're at, all the while knowing he is willing to walk with you out of your comfort zone- where the true growth happens- when you are ready. He is a landmine of insight and wisdom.

 Seeing Rob for life coaching is giving yourself a gift that will lead you to such a deeper purpose and meaning for your life. You will climb mountains in your life that you thought were too high for you to ever reach- and he will be encouraging you, walking beside you and supporting you every step of the way.

I would be skipping over a huge part of who Robert is if I did not tell you that he is simply fun and knows how to truly LIVE life without cowering to fear. 

He recognizes that all work and no play is never a good idea, which is why one of his "claims to fame" is riding his motorcycle cross country!